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What is an OEIC?

  • Open-Ended Investment Companies are often referred to as the modern day and flexible equivalent of the unit trust. They combine the elements of unit trusts and Investment trusts enabling you to pool your investments along with other investors. This helps to spread the risk and enables you to take advantage of the skills of a professional managing the fund.

  • OEICS are regulated by the FCA. The rules are based on specifically written company law, whereas unit trusts are based on old trust law.

  • OEICS have a single price for buyers and sellers and the charges are shown separately. A unit trust has a separate buying and selling price (bid/offer spread).

  • The OEIC share price directly reflects the underlying assets of the portfolio

  • An Umbrella Fund structure, which means that there are different classes of share. Each sub share fund can be invested in a different area if required.



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