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Great North Run 09

Posted in Latest News on: 05/10/2009

...by Dawn Taylor

Each year I watch the live broadcast of the Great North Run and think how fabulous it would be to be part of the spectacular event.

Well this year I was given the opportunity to take part and run for the charity: Prostate Cancer, Graham Fulford Charitable Trust, together with my running partner, Carrie. I have been running, or should I say jogging, for quite a while now and have entered a few 5k and 10k runs but never anything this big! Obviously we would need to up the anti a bit.

We increased our training where by we were running 3 times a week and attending the gym. We had to include running up hills and try and increase our speed slightly and also incorporate a longer run at least once a week so that we could prepare ourselves for the 13.1 miles through Newcastle. By the beginning of September we had managed to complete 10 miles cross country and hoped this would allow us to finish the Great North Run, as before we knew it September 20th would be upon us.

The day of the race was finally here and as we made our way to the start I was feeling both very nervous and excited. I have never seen so many people assembled together and it was overwhelming. The whistle blew at 10.40 am and we were off - however as we were right at the back of the line-up it took us until 11.15 to cross the start line. No going  back now!

As we gradually clocked up the miles the crowds cheered, bands played and this was all the encouragement needed to keep you going. Many people were in fancy dress and it made you feel as though you were at a big party! The momentum and the atmosphere carried us through until finally we reached the last mile. By this time the Red Arrows were flying overhead creating a spectacular show and giving you something else to focus on for those final yards. We crossed the finish line at 2 hours, 25 minutes and 25 seconds and it was a very proud moment.

I have raised approximately £620 for Prostate Cancer and would like to thank everyone who has supported me.



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